Specialists in the manufacture and supply of custom control electronics, bespoke electronic controls and systems.


We have many years experience of making equipment for manufacturing industry. Our team includes innovative and skilled electronic designers and software engineers, to design and develop new equipment. 

We offer a vast range of control circuit functions that we incorporate into any designs. Alternatively we can create bespoke solutions.

We understand and adhere to client confidentiality at all times as standard practise. However for extra reassurance will always enter into a formal Confidentiality Agreement when a customer considers it necessary.


Electronic design is necessary where off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your needs.

We can offer a fast and reliable bespoke electronic product and circuit board design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions. This can range from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering multi-layer, multi-board electronic design projects. From inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities.

Working together with Contrel allows you to focus on what you do well whilst we take care of what we do well, which is designing through collaboration.
Electronics engineer working in a workshop with tin soldering parts


If you prefer we can replicate your assemblies based on your existing designs.

With prompt delivery to your chosen address anywhere in the UK.

Printed circuit board and chip


Our team can design and build batches of assemblies to fit your exact requirements replicating your previous designs.

Microelectronic industry


If you're looking to reduce production costs, improve quality and/or reduce production time, we can redesign your assemblies to incorporate the very latest chips and technology. This initial outlay will generate enormous longterm savings on cost and time.



We frequently work with clients needing from 200 to 2,000 units. We have the ability and capacity to upscale dramatically to cater for any order size.

Drop us a message and someone will call you back ASAP.


We have many years of experience and make open printed circuit board assemblies, encapsulated circuits, cased controls and hand held units.
We can cater for even the most bespoke of needs, including upscaling to large orders of 2,000+ units.


“We have developed a great relationship with Contrel and their dedication and expertise we have been able to overcome challenges and have always met our tight deadlines. Contrel really go above and beyond in responding to inquiries and helping accommodate our requirements. We’re pleased to work with Contrel on existing and new products.” ★★★★★ 5/5
Polestar Cooling company
“We have worked with Contrel for many years and the products they design for us have been very reliable. They are a flexible partner and always works hard to support our needs. They are always looking for continuous improvement and we look forward to many more years working with them.”
★★★★★ 5/5
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